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Next to Watchyourmeds, the libraries of videos on medicines, diseases, laboratory tests, etc., we have tailored another product for the Indian healthcare market: Careanimations PatientJourney.

Careanimations PatientJourney is a product to engage and involve patients with regard to their diagnosis, disease, treatment, intervention and follow-up. It offers a timeline of events, related to medical interventions and guides patients both in preparation of the intervention (PRE), what to expect at the time of intervention (DURING) as well as in the follow-up activities following the intervention (POST).

Also, in this patient engagement product, animated videos are used to explain and illustrate the information provided. PatientJourney provides information and guidance to patients and a positive qualitative and quantitative business case for the private hospitals and clinics. PatientJourney has been introduced in over 100 hospitals in over 20 countries and – due to the benefits for all involved – is growing very fast.

  • Service that exceeds patients’ expectations and leads to better patient satisfaction
  • Guidance of the patients leads to better patient adherence, outcomes and retention
  • More desirable and predictable patient behavior leads to better hospital productivity