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With Watchyourmeds we have been able to establish a unique combination of content, approach and technology to inform and educate people and to induce positive behavioral change. Applying this experience to topics such as sanitation, clean drinking water, children education, (non)communicable diseases, female hygiene, family planning, mother & child, substance abuse, domestic violence and more resulted into Careanimations PublicHealth.

Careanimations PublicHealth is a library in which easy-to-understand animated videos can be found on all relevant public health issues. By cooperating with various NGOs across the country using Careanimations PublicHealth, we want to empower their health and social workers in rural villages and urban slums to be more successful and productive in their enormous task to help improve the living and health conditions of the 100s of millions of underprivileged among the Indian population. Careanimations PublicHealth is a flexible, long-term education opportunity, that in the long run will play a substantial role in the behavioral changes needed for the betterment of underprivileged lives.

  • Developed in simple and easy-to-understand language, yet according to the guidelines provided by organizations such as WHO
  • All content is developed in close collaboration with the health workers and social workers who are actively engaged at the grass-root level
  • Content is delivered in local Indian language
  • Also, accessible and understandable for those who cannot read