• Journey to support compliance and adherence
  • Short automated messages with videos or pictograms
  • Custom messaging for each medicine
  • Custom messaging per care provider
  • Use existing messages or create your own

What we offer

watchyourjourney provides patients with the right information at the right time throughout their treatment. Instead of providing a bulk of information at one time, patients receive information through a series of short messages containing animated videos or pictograms. The most important information is repeated over time and disease specific additional information is provided.

Patients are explained and reminded about the importance of compliance and receive practical tips at relevant times during their treatment, for instance about how to store their medicine and how to manage their disease.

In addition, patients are invited to provide feedback on how they are doing and can set a medication alarm to remind them to take their medication. Through watchyourjourney, care providers can offer patients continuous support to improve compliance and adherence.

watchyourjourney can also be used by care providers or authorities to send messages to users of specific medicines, for instance about a new side-effect, a recall or upcoming drug shortages.

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