Our story

Let’s improve patient
quality of life together

In 2015, the founders of Careanimations, Dr. Rob Neeter and Dr. Afke de Jong, were concerned about the continuous and structural lack of medication adherence.

With as many as 30-50% of adults not taking their medicines correctly or not at all, they knew something had to change. They aimed to find a simple solution to a complex problem that must be usable for all, including people with limited health literary, low digital skills, or with a hearing or vision impairment.

Creating clear, easy-to-understand medication videos

We’re committed to improve quality of life for all patients by helping them to make better use of their medicines

As a starting point, we took the complicated, jargon-heavy information in the package leaflet and turned it into, easy-to-access and easy-to-understand animated videos.

Patients can watch the most important information about their medicine at home, in a language of their own choice, and tailored for their gender, age and reason of use.

Designed to support pharmacies

Pharmacies can offer our platform to their patients, not only for understandable information, but also for automated additional support at home, after patients collected their medicine. Our platform ensures that patients are more engaged in their treatment to increase motivation and adherence.

We have deliberately chosen to collaborate with pharmacies. The pharmacist is the medication expert, is seen as a reliable source of information and could in theory reach all patients who are using medicines. Next to that, we strongly believe in the importance of a good pharmacy-patient relationship to build trust and motivation which is the basis of adherence.

Our core values

We’re caring

We’re patient focused. We want to make medicines information accessible and understandable for all.

We’re knowledgeable

We’re healthcare experts that understand the needs of patients and pharmacies.

We’re impact-driven

We’re results oriented and continuously challenge ourselves to improve the patient experience.

We’re inclusive

We communicate in a simple and audio visual way, in different languages, to ensure that we reach every patient.

Meet the team

Leadership team
Rob Neeter, MD
CEO / Co-Founder
Afke de Jong, MD
COO / Co-Founder
Shekhar Jakhadi
Tijn Rademakers
International Development Director
Jesper Spoelder, MSc
Pharmaceutical Director
Country managers
Thomas Hofmann
General Manager Germany
Anna Garrec
General Manager France
Alberto Paradela Sanchez
General Manager Spain

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