For Pharmacies

Improve patient experience and adherence

Strengthen your pharmacy’s offering by extending your service to the patient’s home. Watchyourcare is our end-to-end digital solution that supports the patient’s journey with easy-to-understand videos, pictograms and automated messages.

Enabling you to do more for your patients

Inclusive healthcare approach

Our information is available in multiple languages, and is suitable for patients with limited health literacy and poor digital skills. But also for patients with hearing or visual impairment. This helps with understanding and promotes adherence.

Complementary care experience

We provide a digital solution to empower you to provide the best patient experience. Our platform complements your work all the way to the patient’s home, and will help you to improve patient outcomes.

Patient-centred care

We offer audio visual information that is tailored to medicine, gender, age, and indication. We believe clear and continuous communication is fundamental to improving patient care.

In the pharmacy

In this video, we show how Watchyourcare is used in the pharmacy with a QR code implementation. Within a few seconds, pharmacies can provide patients easy access to Watchyourcare.

From pharmacists directly

Fulfil all patient needs with in-person and digital care

Better understanding

Utilise Watchyourcare to fill the gap. We help patients better understand the information about their medicines to improve proper usage.

Increase adherence

We help you deliver the right information at the right time. Continuous support to your patients will not only improve their adherence but also their loyalty to your pharmacy.

Maximise your team’s potential

Use our videos in the pharmacy to support your team by offering clear instructions how to use inhalers, injection pens, or eye drops. Our videos provide guidance to your team and help patients better understand.

Support for non-native speakers

Our platform is available in a variety of languages so we can help you and your team to inform patients who speak another language more efficiently and ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Seamless integration

Our platform can be accessed with QR codes or links but is also fully designed for easy integration with other applications, from electronic health records to patient portals and apps. This makes it simple and straightforward for you and your patients.

Increase patient loyalty

Improve patient loyalty and strengthen your business by providing continuous support to your patients. Our digital solution Watchyourcare is white labelled and provided as a service of your pharmacy.

Maximise your pharmacy’s potential today

  • 20.000+ animated videos
  • Seamless integration