Our solution for


Change the way patients are informed and supported!

Patient-centered care

Personalized, on-demand and easy-to-access

Medicine specific

More than 90% coverage of prescribed medicines


Audiovisual and in multiple languages


Integrated with existing applications or stand-alone

In the pharmacy

  • App to support a new medicine consultation
  • Most important information visualized through pictograms
  • Medicine specific and in multiple languages
  • Concise, uniform, and easy-to-understand
  • Follow-up with a summary and WATCHYOURMEDS

At home

  • The package leaflet everyone understands
  • Platform with > 10.000 interactive animated videos
  • Well accepted by people with limited health literacy
  • Personalized by language, gender, age, and reason of use
  • Supporting functionality to stimulate knowledge building
  • Software to select, personalize and distribute specific videos
  • Distribution by email, QR code or push in our app
  • Easy-to-integrate with other applications or as standalone
  • Ensure complete information provision for home-delivery
  • Journey to support the use of a medicine
  • Short automated messages with videos or pictograms
  • Custom messaging for specific medicines
  • Custom messaging about general topics
  • Use existing messages or create your own

How can patients get access?


QR code

Push notification

Automated Dose Dispensing System

How can we integrate to make it easier?

Pharmacy Management Software

Track & Trace applications

Personal health records

Patient apps