Solutions for comprehensible
medical information

for patients, provided by care providers

We help care providers to provide patients with easy-to-understand and tailored information to improve treatment adherence and self-management.


With a team of medical and pharmaceutical experts, medical writers, animators, and IT specialists, we offer innovative communication tools for pharmacies, hospitals and doctors that are easy-to-use and easy-to-implement in existing workflows. For patients, we create information that is easy-to-access and easy-to-understand for almost everyone, including people with limited health literacy, by using animated videos and pictograms.


30%-60% of people find it difficult to understand, recollect or apply medical information. Leading to ineffective use of medicines and poor adherence to treatment recommendations. Up to 40% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. This leads to greater disease burden and more healthcare costs. Video is often more effective compared to written information in ensuring information is understood and can be recollected.



Doctors and Nurses




Nivel is investigating the implementation of WATCHYOURMEDS in pharmacies. What is the most efficient method of distribution? What’s the best way for integration?

National e-health Living Lab

NeLL is investigating how WATCHYOURMEDS is used and appreciated by patients. Does it improve the knowledge and understanding about medicines, and in the end, does it support better use of medicines?

Utrecht University

The University of Utrecht studies how the WATCHYOURMEDS videos can be further improved to optimize understanding and knowledge building.