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We empower pharmacies to help their patients use their medicines the right way with a platform of easy-to-understand videos, pictograms and automated messages.

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Making medical information simple
and straightforward

Make medicines information inclusive

We transform complex information into personalised and easy-to-understand videos, pictograms and messages, available in multiple languages. Our information is easily accessible and suitable for everyone, including those with limited health literacy and low digital skills.

Provide trustworthy guidance

Our information is developed independently and based on official sources such as the package leaflet. Patients can see all the relevant information about their medicines in one place, which helps prevent them from searching information online.

Be in control of the patient experience

By adding our platform to your pharmacy offering, you provide a new level of support and personalised care to your patients. Enhancing the patient experience, with continuous support from your pharmacy, is a great way to strengthen your business, because a satisfied patient is ultimately a loyal patient.

Everything you need to increase adherence and patient loyalty

We provide a turnkey platform to support your patients with easy-to-access and easy-to-understand personalised videos, pictograms, messages and other adherence tools.

The right information at the right time

Give your patients personalised care, throughout their medication journey. They can watch videos comfortable at home, receive short and tailored follow-up messages, and play a game that promotes adherence.

Increase patient engagement

Our platform is white labelled as a service from your pharmacy, which you can also use to send personalised messages and offers to your patients.

Building something great

Some figures and achievements from the Netherlands we are proud of.


of pharmacies are using our products


patients are using our products annually


of patients understand our information


knowledge improvement after watching a video

From pharmacists and experts directly

Designed by healthcare professionals

We have a core team of dedicated pharmacists and physicians who are passionate about making medical information accessible and understandable for all. We’re ready to work with you to improve adherence, and thereby the health and well-being of your patients.

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