Simple, effective medicines information and support for all

Watchyourmeds is our core service, created to help you support your patients with their medicines at home. We have transformed the package leaflet and other relevant information into personalised videos and automated follow-up messages that every patient understands.

Trusted by leading health organisations

Guiding patients every step of the way

Our platform includes over 20,000 easy-to-understand
personalised videos, pictograms and medication journeys in multiple
languages, tailored for gender, age and indication.

Continuous support

After receiving medicine and watching the relevant videos, patients will receive short follow-up messages and tips about their medicine and disease for continuous support during the treatment.

Clear instructions

Almost all medicine videos are accompanied by a video on how to use or take the medicine correctly, ranging from tablets to eye drops and from inhalers to injection pens.

Support with general topics

We’ve also created videos that address frequently asked questions on various topics around medicines; from reimbursement, how to travel with medication, to the best way to store your medicines.

A new kind of patient support

The same healthcare experience
for everyone

Watchyourmeds is a uniform approach to inform, support and motivate patients with their medicines and covers – depending of the country – 80 to 95% of all prescriptions.

Make medicines information accessible

Patients can easily access and use Watchyourmeds on any of their devices, at any place, at any time. Watchyourmeds is available in multiple languages and is suitable for patients with limited health literacy and poor digital skills. But also for those with hearing or vision impairment.

Continuous support during treatment

After receiving an informative video about a medicine, patients will receive short follow-up messages and tips, tailored to their medicine and disease. In the messages, crucial information is repeated, and other useful information is added in the form of video or pictograms.

Increase adherence and patient loyalty

With the right information at the right time, continuous support, motivation and engagement, adherence will increase. Due to the service and support at home, patients are more likely to become loyal to the pharmacy to ensure they keep receiving the same level of personalised care.

From the pharmacists directly

The most popular digital tool for pharmacies

Used and trusted by 97% of pharmacies in the Netherlands.