• Developed together with patients
  • Well accepted by people with limited health literacy
  • Personalized by language, gender, age, and reason of use
  • Supporting functionality to stimulate knowledge building
  • Easy-to-integrate with existing applications

What we offer

WATCHYOURMEDS is a platform with more than 10.000 animated videos in which the most important information of the package leaflet is explained in easy-to-understand spoken language. The videos are interactive, available in multiple languages and personalized based on age, gender, and reason of use.

WATCHYOURMEDS is available as a web and mobile application. The platform and the videos have been tested and tailored to suit all patient populations, with a strong focus on patients with limited (health) literacy.

Other content and services

  • Instruction of use videos for basic dosage forms
  • Instruction of use videos for specific medical devices
  • Direct link to the official package leaflet
  • Medicine specific knowledge tests
  • Referrals to trusted websites for in-depth information

Patient App

Example video of metformin

Instruction of use video

Achievements in the Netherlands