For Corporations

We provide commercial value for pharmacists

We improve patient experience by providing easy-to-understand medical videos. We improve adherence for patients, and strengthen the bond between pharmacist and patients. Loyal, happy patients generate more value for all pharmacy stakeholders.

A better solution for pharmacists

Provide Careanimations to your pharmacists and help them improve patient loyalty by empowering patients to understand their medication so they feel in control of their journey.

Create personalised offers for patients

Pharmacists can create targeted offers and services that are tailored for the patient’s needs. Enabling pharmacists to provide timely messages and updates to patients via our messaging service.

Alleviate staff shortages

Empower your junior staff to feel confident and assist patients. Careanimations explains medicine fully and provides multilingual support, ensuring that patients get provided with an excellent service.

Increase adherence and action

We provide trustworthy medical information that’s simplpified so that all patients understand. We believe that understanding and reinforcing this knowledge with follow-up actions increases the likelihood of patients taking their medication the correct way.

A branded & immersive experience for patients

We provide a whitelabel service so that pharmacists can create a branded experience for patients. Contact us for our corporate pricing.

  • Leverage automation to move fast
  • Always give customers a human to chat to
  • Automate customer support and close leads faster

From pharmacists directly

Combine virtual and in-person care to meet the needs of your employees and patients

Improve efficiency

Utilise digital tools to fill the gap. Our videos help patients retain more information about how to take their medicine.

Save paper and printing costs

Our solutions are available online and through an app, so you can save costs on paper and printing costs.

Support for non-native speakers

We provide medical information in a variety of languages so we ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Seamless integration with pharmacy software systems

Designed for easy integration with other applications from electronic health records, patient portals and apps. Making it straightforward for patient and pharmacist.

Improve brand offering

Improve patient loyalty through a strengthed brand offering. We provide our digital solutions, watchyourmeds through your brand portal.

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Let’s work together to improve the patient experience

  • 20.000+ animated videos
  • Personalised onboarding