• Developed together with pharmacists
  • Well accepted by people with limited health literacy
  • Information visualized through pictograms
  • Medicine-specific and personalized flows
  • Ensures uniform and consistent consultations
  • Tailored for language, gender, age, and reason of use

What we offer

watchandtalk supports care providers in counseling patients about medicines. It contains medicine specific conversation flows in which all relevant topics are visualized through (animated) pictograms. watchandtalk provides information about dosing, correct use, side-effects, drug interactions and warnings. A digital summary and a direct link to the corresponding watchyourmeds video can be provided by email, QR code or push into the Patient App.

watchandtalk ensures information about medicines is provided in a concise, uniform, and easy-to-understand manner and can be used during face to face as well as teleconsultations.

Animated icons

Example of rivaroxaban