Sometimes, we all need a helping hand

Watchandtalk is an add-on to our core product, designed to support pharmacies in counseling patients about their medicines in the pharmacy or in teleconsultations, through talking prompts and pictograms to improve patients’ understanding.

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Medication pictograms that help guide conversations

We’ve created a support tool for pharmacies to inform patients at the counter about their medicines. Watchandtalk helps your team to address the right information for each medicine in a structured way. With pictograms, we ensure that patients process and understand the information effectively. Watchandtalk addresses the reason of use, dosage, correct usage, warnings and the most common side-effects.

  • Stimulates a smooth dialogue with patients
  • Stimulates uniformity, completeness and efficiency
  • Tailored to medicine, dosage form, and dosage
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Complements the Watchyourmeds experience


Example of rivaroxaban

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  • Patients give this tool a 4.1 out of 5
  • Overcome language barriers