It’s great when a new customer finds his way into your pharmacy: perhaps their physician across the street just made out a prescription ten minutes ago, and they want to get it filled immediately. But how can you build a solid and trusting relationship with your new and existing patients? In this article, we offer you six ways to establish and maintain a meaningful patient relationship that benefits both of you.

The world we live in is a complex one – so is your patient’s individual situation. One of the signs of this is medicine non-adherence: 30-50% of medicines are not used properly or not used at all. As a pharmacist or PTA, continuously providing information and assistance to help the patient is difficult. However, there are smart solutions available with which you can easily give the patient the support he needs, thus ensuring better medicine adherence. These digital tools are here to help: in this article, find out how with apps and web-based content, you can make a real difference for your patients and their treatment.